Farm Fresh Pork - Deposit - Half Hog

Farm Fresh Pork - Deposit - Half Hog

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Our next batch of hogs will be available in January 2020. 

$25 Deposit on Half Hog, $50 Deposit for Whole Hog

Outdoor raised, farm-fresh, delicious pork! It is available by the half or whole hog. This is a great and economical way to fill your freezer with meat you can trust. The flavor can't be beat! 

The price is $1.00/lb live weight, plus processing.  To order, place your deposit below. When the hogs are delivered we will let you know the final weight and your balance.  At that time, you call the processor and let them know how you would like it cut.

Unless otherwise requested, we use Buetler Meat Processing in Lafayette. They do a fantastic job. They are very easy to work with, and they will walk you through all your cut options. You'll pick up your meat from Beutler's when it's ready. We can also deliver to Moody's meats and other local processors. You'll pay the processor for the processing and pay us separately for the hog. 

Hogs are available forJanuary. Please place your deposit to hold your half. 

Local Orders Only, Please!

 Feel free to contact us with any other questions.